For 50 years, there has been only one medication — warfarin — that has been used to prevent strokes in patients who have atrial fibrillation. Now there is a new medication that is proven to not only be more effective, but can actually save lives.
I was prescribed Pradaxa as an alternative for Coumadin when I was in Afib.  The elimination of the need for regular blood tests as with coumadin was a real selling point.  What my doctor failed to explain to me was the fact that unlike coumadin – Pradaxa had no bleeding antidote, if you had a [More]
What you need to know when your doctor prescribes Amiodarone...
I am a 53 year old male with afib.   I don’t know of ANY natural methods for taming Atrial Fibrillation especially long term afib – I tried everything until my doctor introduced me to a relatively new drug called Tikosyn or dofetilide. It is a class three anti-arrhythmic drug.  I got started on it about [More]