Sucessful Medtronic Arctic Front Cryoablation for Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation

[ytapvideo id=OR42CeNAce0]

I have been free of paroxysmal fibrillation for now 19 months since my cryoablaion was done at the Rochester, MN Mayo Clinic by Douglas Packer, MD on January…

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  1. As a followup of my above posted story, I am now 34 months post cryoablation for PAF and am totally free of PAF and have not had an episode since. This is totally different from histories of friends and their friends and relatives who had PAF who? had RF ablations that failed resulting in one or more reablatons. Gordy

  2. Wonderful story!!!!! I am have the exact same? problem and now I will pursue the Cryoablation over the older RF cath method!!! Your story here has given me more helpful information and greater hope for a healther future…. And… now… I have to get a PPO to the it!!!!(hopeully soon) Without health insurance….. We are all screwed without it….

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