Second Catheter Ablation for Atrial Fibrillation – My Experience

On May 10th, 2011 I had my second catheter ablation for Afib. Cure for Atrial Fibrillation (Afib) Cure for Supraventricular Tachycardia (SVT) (Fix for Heart …

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  1. I have A Fib too. My blood pressure will be normal and my pulse rate can get up over 115. ? My highest pulse rate was 248 and that happened on July 4, 2012. My cardiologist wants me to have the cardic ablation done also. Im already on meds to help prevent blood clots before I had a fib.

  2. I just got diagnosed with AF two weeks ago and I have a consultation about ablation next week. I’m only 42 and I also have an active lifestyle, I’m on Pradaxa, Bystolic and Multaq for? arrhythmia. The thought of me giving up my snowboarding and mountain biking is killing me!

  3. Thanks for? your video/ Did you ever consider endoscopic maze surgery? It does not require a sternotomy and is done with 5 incisions around the heart through catheters. Dr. Sloan Guy at Temple University Hospital does it. Cheers.

  4. I had my second ablation about three months ago, and afib is definitely back. Actually I’m in afib as I type this, which the second time since the last ablation. I was so damn hopeful that at least after the second one that I’d be done with this. It has? so completely messed up my lifestyle. I’m not sure what the next step will be. Gotta see the doc again. Thanks for posting this and good luck to you!!

  5. To all those with failed catheter ablations-consider endoscopic MAZE surgery. Dr. Guy at Temple Hospital in Phila.?

  6. Thank you so much for taking the time to share this video. It was very helpful. And I hope that you have been feeling pretty well since your last post. I’m 3 days away from first? ablation. I’m fit and active and like you I don’t want to give that up.Taking the meds and feeling poorly does get old. And the stroke risk scares the hell out of me, of course. Good luck, keep up the fight and thanks again for reaching out.

  7. I have afib and SVT and had my first had my episode at the age of 15, I am now 31 and for the past 2 years I have been taking Flecanide acetate 100mg 2x a day and my episodes are pretty much non existent. After a several different medications over the years I found Verapmil the? worst for me, I had so many episodes I could not even drive since the episodes were so bad and so common. I want a ablation done but my doctor says I can’t if the medicine is working. I just wanted to complain

  8. I went to Dr. Faddis for a 3rd.? opinion eleven years ago. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him or the Center for Advanced Medicine to? any friend or family member experiencing arrhythmias!

  9. Do you know much about postural orthastatic tachycardia syndrome?

    Someone was mentioning too read up on cryoblatoins? Do you know a lot about this?

    My blood pressure constantly changes, a lot of docs just check it and think that’s what’s it at. Mine goes from way too low and then way too high. Anyways… It’s been really scary especially without insurance, so I’m trying to figure out what’s? best for me.

    Cool thanks.

  10. Thanks for posting! I’ve just been diagnosed with A-fib and like you it was discovered by chance before an op I was to have for my? sinuses. Also like you, I lead an active life (running and biking) and want to get back to it.? I’m currently on aspirin and beta blockers but will consider Catheter Ablation.
    I am just using a Garmin HRM to monitor the BPMs of my heart. Not very scientific. What is the Blood Pressure device you are using? Was it expensive?
    -Chris (Male 38 – Dublin, Ireland)

  11. the very best of luck to you.. thank you for sharing with us.. i myself am weighing out all the options as my problem is getting much worse my heart rate was 212 bp was 186/111 that was at night relaxed after a shower and we checked it several times as did the ambulance driver..
    and well the meds never made me back to normal? and i have had many of the side affects so at this point it looks like i will be getting worked on in the next week or two.. so good luck to all

  12. Thanks for? posting! I’ve just been diagnosed with A-fib and like you it was discovered by chance before an op I was to have for my sinuses.
    Also like you, I lead an active life (running and biking) and want to get back to it.
    I’m currently on aspirin and beta blockers but will consider Catheter Ablation.
    I am just using a Garmin HRM to monitor the BPMs of my heart. Not very scientific. What is the Blood Pressure device you are using? Was it expensive?
    -Chris (Male 38 – Dublin, Ireland)

  13. One more comment re: electrical cardioversion. I’ve had 5 cardioversions in 2011. The first doc had me garle a solution, then he sprayed my throat before the TEE. He was the only Doc. to use the gargle, and here’s what the gargle did to me: Killed the gag reflex, and I aspirated some of the gargle into my lungs. Result? Bacterial pneumonia. Fought that for 2 months and ended up in the? hosp. for five days. Don’t ever allow any use of any gargle prior to an TEE and electrical cardioversion.

  14. I have had two ablations performed at St. David’s on 32nd St. in Austin. Just before the first, a nurse asked me Is this number 1,2,3, or 4? I’ve been fine for 6 months, then developed a SVT (sinus tachycardia-not A-Fib) BP 108/70 pulse 122. Somethings irritated in my Atria. Will I consider a third ablation?- No? question about it

  15. I’m sorry about the hematoma. That is pretty? serious. I hope it healed up quickly. What are the results of the ablation so far?

  16. I had my first ablation at UPENN 5 days ago. I was diagnosed in 2007 and meds just weren’t agreeing? with me anymore. After the procedure, I was placed back on Flecanide 100mg, 2x a day, Metoprolol 25mg 1X a day, Aspirin 325mg 1 X a day, Prevacid and of course, Coumadin. I am always dizzy and lightheaded and I sometimes have migraines. The procedure was relatively seemless, however, there were complications with the incision site (left side of groin – Hemotoma).

  17. I just had my second ablation. I have stubborn A-fib / SVT. I like to surf, hike, etc. and found these conditions to be a challenge. I am also a health nut. (Zero alcohol, alkaline diet, etc.) I’m 39 years? old now. I had my second one about 11 days ago. This morning I had a rate of 105 resting and A-fib for a sustained amount of time. I’m still on Rythmol and Verapamil, plus comadin. Considering a pacemaker. I know it would mean being pace-dependant, but not convinced a 3rd will work.

  18. Hi, I had this cathetor ablation done 4 months ago.No symptoms post surgery,Im 41.All the symptoms of breathlessness,severe fatigue, dizziness,paplatations were? gone. Not one single palpatation. Then 6 weeks after the procedure, it came back with a bang. I was dissapointed, at one point I ended up in hospital with a high heart rate. Since the op my A fib is more persistant and aggressive. My cardiologist gave me 2 options, a second ablation or The Cox Maze procedure(90% success rate).

  19. – I’m sorry to hear about that. It can be such an emotional rollercoaster! I had short episodes for a bit, however, they finally went away! I am still on Flecanide, Metoprolol and of course Coumadin, but my Flec was cut in half and I haven’t had any episodes again? (yet). It appears that the second ablation took some time to really set in. I would say, give it some time. I would not really want to get a pacemaker. Keep me posted on your progress. I hope things get better 4 u.

  20. I am so glad you posted this video, I have had my second ablation in october and after two weeks it is back with. It seems to be more active than before, they put me on flecainide 100 mg 2 times as well as what the metoprolol and pradaxa. Monitor showed afib palps. Still having episodes. I am 46 female, I was a cardio teacher? but cannot at this point, can’t get thru it without episodes. I’m thinking just give me pacemaker and get on with my life. How about you, is that an option ?

  21. Our stories have some similarities. I’m 58 and have had afib for about 20 years. On meds for first 15, but had a? cather ablation in 2007. The first procedure was a disaster and I was in bad shape for 2 months. Second procedure 6 months later kept me afib free for about a year and a half. Now scheduled for a 3rd ablation in November at Johns Hopkins. I am very active and pretty fit, as you seem to be, running 25 miles a week when I’m not having afib episodes. You have to fight the bastard.

  22. – I think that the drugs are keeping me in sinus rhythm most of the time, which is much better than persistent AFIB, but I have a pretty? strong feeling that once the drugs stop, things might go south again. If that happens, I will probably do a third ablation. I don’t want to be on pills for the rest of my life. Please wish your brother good luck for me.

  23. – it’s hard to say at this point. Being in the hospital and putting your life on hold kinda wears you down after a while. I also wore a monitor and the? doc said that he did not see AFIB in the three days that I had the monitor on. I have seen it occasionally (mostly in the beginning), but I see flutter at least every other night. I’ll know for sure when they take me off the drugs.

  24. I am waiting for my brother to finish his 3rd ablation. Do you? think you will go in for another?

  25. – Sorry about the tachycardia. I know that they told you that it would cure it, but don’t get too bummed out if it doesn’t. I believe it there is about a 66% chance that it will work the first time. I hope it does. If it doesn’t work the first time, you have another 66 or so percent chance that it will work the second time. Those are pretty good odds!? I feel the same was as you about the meds. Good luck and I really hope that it works for you the first time around!

  26. I’m 18 and I’m having an ablation over this summer : ( I have tachycardia and an extra eletrical impulse in my heart. They said that abation will cure mine and keep me off beta blockers for the rest of my life so I have? decided it’s pretty much necessary. thanks for the video about it!

  27. – Thanks for the tip about Prodaxa. I had heard about that stuff. I will definitely ask my doctors about that? next time, and best of luck to you!

  28. i wore the monitor also,they saw how bad mine was and still never put me on blood thinners until it was to late,i know u dont want to be on the blood thinners either but? thats your best shot of preventing a stroke untill they can straighten you on a thinner called prodaxa two a day and it automaticly sets you blood right you dont have to go and get your blood I N R checked like u do with cumatin all the time..good luck

  29. – I’m sorry that you had the stroke. That is my biggest fear in? all of this. Really glad to hear that your ablation worked. a-fib is no fun. I’m wearing a heart monitor this week to determine when and how often I’m in a-fib. Some a-fib is still better than persistent a-fib, and I’m staying as optimistic as I can. Best of luck and I hope that you remain a-fib free for life!

  30. i feel your pain i had a-fib for the last two and a half years the? doctors tried many types of pills but none cured it.they did not put me on blood thiners because they said i was not a candidate for a stoke my heart was strong and healthy .november 2010 i had a stroke,igirl i work with had the ablation done and she said it worked great.i went to her DR. and had it done DR.Neil bernstien NYU in newyork city,done on 3/17/11 so far so good…

  31. I have a pacemaker am 52yrs old just had my 2nd ablation jan22 and am back in afib haert rate is 100 t0 120 at rest bp is good. Very disappointed that the 2nd did not work ! been irregular for 8 day straight from high rate to slower irregular.going back to westchester med this week to see dr Iwai . THIS REALLY SUCKS ! Pardon my language.

  32. I had my first ablation on 4/13/2018 after a cardio version three months earlier. Since the ablation, my heart rate has gone up on two occasions to about 120 for and hour or so around 2AM. They put a monitor on me for one week which I removed and sent in yesterday. No report on that yet. Taking Eloquis x 2, Metoprolol x1 and Lisinopryl x1

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