Robotic Assisted Surgical Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation with Guidant Flex-10 Microwave Ablation

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Patient Presentation of pacemaker placed for bradycardia in a 62 year-old male with paroxysmal atrial fibrillation, left atrial size – 43mm, ejection fractio…

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  1. and can tolarate heart BPM’s over 100 easy 120,140, but start to feel skips heart rate stays from 64 bpm to 72 bpm bp stays at 120/70 to 120/80….when I stop valum BP goes very high and heart rate….worst thing is sleep and depersion , no sexual side affects,,,,xanax cause bad sexual side affects…can not have orgasam deadens? nerves in penis.

  2. I started taking Blocadren Timolol in 1993 been taking it ever since…I keep sinus? R even at 160/110 bp and dont go in to a fib something in valum…and Timolol combnation,,,but the Timolol alone would not? stop a fib.

  3. Blocadren (Timolol Valum controls the a fib Better then all the 20 years of cardio meds , the Timolol makes me not sleep well REM dreaming Valum helps me sleep.
    I have? taken the same 10 mgs Timolol and % mgs of valum for 10 years…no a fib…

  4. I am takeing 10 mgs of Timolol a day and 5 mgs of valum once a day and it is controling the a fib , 99% better then all the other medicines I took, List of meds I took,my first beta blocker was Inderal, for 4 years, then Tenormin then Lopressor, then from beta blockers? to CCB,Calan Timolol and Lanoxin, and xanax,,20 years ago, the medicine almost burnt my liver out, and my bowels had to take senna for 8 years, I I stoped all medicine but Timlol and Valum , no a fib in 10 years Timlol and Valum

  5. I have had a fib for 30 years , I took all kinds of medicine for the first 20 years , beta blockers, lanoxin,calicum channel blockers, the side affects were horrable , no sleep , bowels almost blockage with Calan, I took xanax, I started 5 mgs of valum 10 years ago and I have not had a fib since, xanax did not stop the a fib something in the valum did , Im 51 years old.?

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