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Pradaxa Alert – Is it worth it???

Pradaxa Alert! – Preadaxa Alert!!

Is Pradaxa worth it?  After my 2nd ablation my Afib has gone into remission!  My electrophysiologist  however has put me on Pradaxa.  I ran my Chads score and took myself  OFF PRADAXA…  I Pays to be proactive in your own treatment –  Guess Why…Pradaxa Bleeding Deaths

www.youblawg.com4/14/12 A new report released by the Food and Drug Administration suggests that more deaths are linked to Pradaxathan previousl

Pradaxa Bleeding: When A Small Bump Can Be Fatal | Levin Is The Cure Worse Than The Disease? Dabigatran Side Effects


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Pradaxa bleeding is hemorrhaging linked to Pradaxa, also known as dabigatran. This side effect has shown to be fatal.

I trust my Doctor  – but – I know the pressure Doctor’s today are under and no one can be up on every new development.

Do your own research!


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