Potential Pradaxa Antidote – It’s about time

I was prescribed Pradaxa as an alternative for Coumadin when I was in Afib.  The elimination of the need for regular blood tests as with coumadin was a real selling point.  What my doctor failed to explain to me was the fact that unlike coumadin – Pradaxa had no bleeding antidote, if you had a major bleed – YOU DIED!!  Needless to say I stopped taking Pradaxa and went back on good old rat poison.  (coumadin)  The new Pradaxa antidote may be just the ticket.  Amazing how a couple thousand lawsuits invigorates scientific research.

Prescribed to those with non-valvular atrial fibrillation to reduce risk of stroke, Pradaxa was hailed as the more convenient option to warfarin (Coumadin)—the leading anti-coagulant for many decades— because it does not require regular blood monitoring or dietary changes. Doctors later discovered, however, that it also had no readily available antidote—no way to stop excess bleeding should it occur.

Now, a new study has identified a potential solution to the problem, but more research is necessary before a remedy is available. Meanwhile, patients are still at risk of serious gastrointestinal bleeds and even death.

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