post-ablation procedure

Post-ablation video: How the procedure went and my current situation following radiofrequency catheter ablation for svt.

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  1. Sorry that you felt pain. But, in my case, I didn’t felt anything even after I awake. I was so fine that I believed that nothing was done until I? saw? my bandage and some blood around it. The personnel was amaizingly kind and attentive. I feel so good that I forget that I went thru this. Thankyou guys! Ooooh! Can’t leave out my Savior Jesus Christ.God is Great!

  2. Lots of love? to you and am inspired by your post. Thanks for sharing. I am scheduled for 6/17/13.

  3. Well nice to hear your story. I had afib ablation (which I was asleeo for the entire time) 3.5 months ago and I am still experiencing pvc’s and pac’s and what feels like svt. I check my rate and it is up around 90-100 all the time and then sometime? it just instantaneously drops to what feels like 45-50 bpm. I haven’t gotten a reading on it yet. They have me on a holter so I am hoping they can see what’s up. Doc tells me 6 months is the true test of the success. I’m trying to be optimistic.

  4. I had Wolff Parkinson white syndrome and? I woke up right before they were doing the ablation and I weighed 180 so I don’t think weight has any factor I felt my heart racing when they were burning my extra pathway.And still scared for life from it.The heat and getting anxiety thinking you’re going to die sucks ass!

  5. Thank you for making this video. I currently have a? pacemaker and will be having the ablation done in 10 days. I know have an idea of what to expect. I appreciate it.

  6. I had WPW. I had the catheter ablation done but I must say my experience was a little different. I felt the pain in the chest but it was quite mild and I slept through most of the procedure. I think this is because they gave me a sedative. So far I’ve not experienced any palpitations or any of the other? symptoms that go with WPW. I’m going back to hard core training soon and I can’t wait. I know that it sounds difficult but I do think you’re attitude helps as I was quite laidback about it

  7. Karla, I just had an EPS with heart ablation on my AV node a couple of days ago. I’m sorry to hear that you had a hard time with your procedure. If you have to have another ablation, you may want to have them use general anesthesia.? I was out the whole time until I awoke in the recovery room.

  8. I have SVT and I’ve been through a lot. I have irregular heart beatings specially when my PMS is coming.? (probably hormonal issue) I’m taking atenolol 25mg, half morning, half before sleep. I have this SVT and I have my ups and downs. I really understand you and you are not alone in this. I had nights when my heart beats so fast that I’ve called 911 sometimes. But since I’m taking atenolol as I told you, I’m doing really good. But haven’t been easy.

  9. Pretty good video, but I must increased my fear level, IMO you’re already? a stressed and anxious person, I can imagine you being more fearful during this than most.
    I am a lot like you and already get anxious and not sure if I can go through this…
    bummer it didn’t work. Fast heart beat is a bummer too….take care

  10. You are amazing and so strong. Your pre-ablation video is everything I felt before my first? ablation, and everything I’m feeling now that I’m coming up to my second. Our hearts may not work so well, but mine goes out to you. I’m showing these videos to my family to help them understand. <3

  11. I’m 27 and had an ablation done yesterday morning. When I? would go into SVT mode I too would have a heart rate in the 200s and sometimes last 2 or 3 hours until I get to the ER for venous intervention.

  12. I had a an ablasion about a month ago and the pain was incredible. I’m 52 yrs old and I was in tears. I’m in the recovery stage and I’m still having shortness of breath. I have an appt in 2 weeks. I am worried? that I will have to have this again. Don’t know if I can take it. Thank you for your video. It helped me not feel alone.

  13. Sorry to hear your ablation didn’t work. I also have svt and have an ep test and ablation done 4 days ago. I have talked to the doctor and also done some research and I would recommend doing a sleep study. Sleep apnea can cause svt and the doctors told me resolving the sleep disorder could possibly help cure the svt. Especially because it happens when you wake up you should? do it asap, plus sleep apnea also causes other types of heart problems even worse than svt. Best of luck!

  14. I got to do the same thing life hasnt been the same for me at all I havent work in 4 months I have a condition called wpw and. it basically the same type of stuff but anyhow? my last 5 months I havnt done nothing cuz I cant run or work out and my job require me to work fast past and that bad for me so i hope thing work for me and I hope u get things right later on in life

  15. Thanks for sharing your experience! I had a Cyroablation done for Afib almost 6 months, I’m wondering if it was a total success or not. I get some skip beats or Pvc’s that just stop me dead in my tracks and I start to panic all over again. They say of a blanking period of 3-6 months after the ablation to know for sure if it worked or not. The last week I’ve experienced more palps and skips during the day they don’t last long but it makes? me think is this a prelude to a big attack like before

  16. Thanks for sharing. You help put some fears at rest.

    I have? AFIB and the doctors are talking about performing ablation. 🙁

  17. I hated my medication, it made? me loopy or lethargic.I’m gonna be starting vet school in the fall and I keep all these experiences in mind.

  18. I had the same procedure when I was 20 ( 5 yrs ago). It was on the left side as well and I took 6 hrs. However, the knocked me out for the procedure. I sorry it wasn’t successful, the surgery changed my life for the better. I had a wonderful team of doctors and would do it all again. Panic attacks and SVT? are not the same thing and I hate when people claim they are.

  19. thank you for posting this. i had ablation surgery to fix wpw about 6 months ago. it was soo painful! i would feel like this powerful burning in my whole chest and i started to breath heavy to cope and they told me i couldn’t do that so i had to lay there and feel this immense heat in my chest for like over an hour. they gave me some more morphine because i was just out of a hospital for a spine fusion. it was nuts! thank you for sharing? this. i’ve been feeling down too lately

  20. its been six months since i had a cath ablation to rid my heart? of wpw. i’ve since had the “angina like” chest pains that radiate up into my jaw but my heart rate has not gone over 200 bpm since the ablation. my resting heart rate is about 85-105 bpm usually and sometimes i get real pounding heart beats sometimes.

  21. for some people one ablation is enough to get rid of their? svt. others require more than one.

  22. I said my? experience was scary, not bad. I’m sorry you had to go through all that.

  23. out of those 15 “supportive” people, im sure the majority were nurses,? dont forget to mention them. Were the ones who do the most “supporting”.

  24. Thanks so much for posting this! I have to think about having? this surgery, and this is helpful in that choice!

  25. I m diagnosed? with WPW. I am suggested for ablation. i will get it done in Februaly 2013 inshAllah. Is there anyone who got catheter ablation done and got rid of arrythmia problem? and SVT attacks forever??? plz reply is someone did?

  26. I’m sorry to hear that it wasn’t 100% successful for you. I’m having this procedure done & I’m trying to research as much as I can. Thanks for posting this video- it helped a lot.?

  27. Oh, and you know what helps me a LOT? ? Drink Prune juice – it has Tons of Potassium, and then take nightly baths where you soak in Espom Salts. Walgreens sells them flavored so a nice Eucalyptus flavored Epsom Salt bath makes your skin absorb the magnesium, and soothes your senses through Aroma
    All the best

  28. Ask your EP for a ZIO Patch. That thing records continuously for up to 2 weeks. No electrodes, you can shower,? you can exercise, you can do everything you need to do.

    How are you doing now?

  29. I totally relate. Felt like elephants dancing on my chest with each burn. The pain was unlike anything you can even imagine. At 5 weeks I felt good enough to do 1mile walk? and the stairs a few times. So on my 3rd day I did 1mile and 10x stairs. That made me feel like I’m going to faint for the rest of the day, and for 1 week I have nightly palpitations, Random Tachy’s after excercize for about 20 minutes after excercise.

  30. MON? 1/14/13 746PM EST
    Very much appreciate you sharing your experience. I’ll be having an ablation tomorrow and really like your perspective and good attitude. Good luck!
    Kevin K

  31. Thanks for this video. I was diagnosed with SVT Tachiacardia last month? and they said that I could stay on the metatopropol or have the ablation. It does sound scary to me. I am a widow taking care of grandchildren so I have alot to consider. I rarely have SVT episodes but they do concern me when I have them. Your video is extremely helpful

  32. God bless you…thanks for posting this video. My sixteen year old daughter was diagnosed with AT and is scheduled for CA procedure soon. We are all very concerned and optimistic that it would cure her. I love your strength. I wish you the best and keep? up that positive attitude..

  33. Carla,
    I just had an Afib ablation on Monday (12/10) and for me it was very frightening. I was just like you, I? felt everything. Being awake was totally traumatic. I had an Aflutter ablation in Sept and it is was so totally different. I was out the whole time, and I expected this to be similar and boy, it was not. I hope your tilt table test gives you some more ansers.

  34. Thank you for sharing your experience, I pray that you get better and I love your attitude about life. You are a positive person and? I wish nothing but the best for you. God Bless you.

  35. Carla I hope your doing well/better. I too have tachycardia & have had an ablation & a hole lot of conflicting info on my heart condition! I know what they are calling my condition, I know what drugs they want me to take etc. . But what is causing people in the? last decade to develop this condition & at such a young age? Is it the food, water, air? Any way my life has been turned upside down & I’m lost! Friend me on Facebook (Sean McIntyre) or call 424-644-4307 Much love to you & yours! 😉

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