Bruce, a normally active and healthy triathlete, was burdened by atrial fibrillation and decided to undergo the new cryoballoon hybrid ablation procedure … Beat Your A-Fib: The Essential Guide to Finding Your Cure: Written in everyday language for patients with Atrial Fibrillation Stop Heart Palpitations with Heart Calm- A Natural, Fast-Acting Formula Designed to Support [More]
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) – Please visit the site for FREE medical PowerPoints, medical PowerPoint templates, medical e-books related to all specialties including ophthalmology, cardiology, neurology, nephrology, GI, etc. This is a Cardiology PowerPoint presentation about Atrial Fibrillation Anticoagulation.
[ytapvideo id=jFWa_c09y0M] These are more serious than those that originate in the pacemaker. However, there are many exceptions. For people who have a harmless, yet worrisome arrhythmia, reassurance that the arrhythmia is harmless may be treatment enough. Sometimes arrhythmias occur less often or even stop, when doctors change a person’s drugs or adjust the dosages. [More]
Dangerous heart rhythm disorder now affects more than a million people, with nearly 100,000 in the East of England and sufferers five times more likely to have a stroke.
[ytapvideo id=o4PlVkwdgbk] Gregory Feld, MD, speaks about advances in atrial fibrillation treatment including robotically guided catheter ablation techniques and clinical trials of new…
Afib Awareness Month A discussion with Mellanie True Hills, founder and CEO of and an update on ACC resources for the treatment of afib.
DUSTY BAKER, CINCINNATI CUBS MANAGER: Diagnosed in Sept. 2012 atrial fibrillation as a consequence of a minor stroke. (But he was back on the job for the playoffs.)
“I personally had about 5 of these and none lasted as my Afib was persistent at the time.  This fellow describes the experience to a tee right down to the Micheal Jackson Juice.  For some patients this procedure stops the Afib and allows a recovery of sinus rhythm.”  –  Stingram Getting cardioverted after an episode [More]
Educational video about the catheter ablation surgery. Here’s what happens when you are under…@#$%&@#!  I’am glad I was knocked cold!!  
Although this study is only able to show an association between prescription NSAIDs and the risk for atrial fibrillation, lead researcher Dr. Bruno Stricker, a professor of pharmacoepidemiology at Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands …
As If you needed a reason… “The effect that dark chocolate has on our bodies is encouraging not only because it allows us to indulge with less guilt, but also because it could lead the way to therapies that do the same thing as dark chocolate but with better and more consistent results,” Gerald Weissmann, [More]
[ytapvideo id=hb5lOUUmCq0] Dr. Jeff Nagge explains what atrial fibrillation is, showing what happens in the heart and the connection to stroke risk based on clots that form Part of an …
JERRY WEST, NBA ALL-STAR/COACH: As a player for the Los Angeles Lakers between 1960 and 1971 Jerry West was an All-Star every year and led Los Angeles to the finals nine times. During his subsequent 30-year career as a Lakers coach and executive he would sometimes have unexplained bouts of panting. “It would just feel [More]
So - the doctor says you have Atrial fibrillation - now what?
Dr. Rajat Deo, a cardiovascular medicine doctor at Penn Heart and Vascular, discusses how new and better drugs will be replacing Coumadin to help atrial fibrillation patients avoid strokes. These drugs have fewer side effects and less of a need for careful monitoring. Learn more about the services at Penn Heart and Vascular: View Dr. [More]
Dallas Women’s Speaker, For more info on Mellanie Hills visit: or call The Texas Speakers Bureau at: 1.877…
Over 60 and Afib Free… Many people interested in staving off the effects of aging will mainly be so for vanity reasons. They don’t actually want to be immortal but rather they’re just interested in looking younger for longer and perhaps having a few less aches and pains. But there are those with greater ambitions. [More]
Celebrities With Afib – RICH PEVERLEY, DALLAS STARS FORWARD. Sept 2013: A blip on Peverley’s EKG during his physical prior to training camp opening in Fort Worth was determined to be atrial fibrillation, or an irregular heartbeat. With a procedure to shock his heart back into rhythm and with medication he returned to the ice three [More]
Ronald Boyle, a patient with Atrial Fibrillation, shares his story of undergoing a Pulmonary Vein Ablation and receiving a new type of catheter at Mayo Clinic.  Ronald expresses how this procedure has changed his life and how he found a solution when medication was no longer effective.  
Dr. James Ong, a Cardiac Electrophysiologist, explains the mechanism of Atrial Fibrillation and how Radiofrequency Ablation can help eliminate AFib.  
Catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation is commonly performed at expert centers. How is the procedure performed? What does the patient experience? Dr. Kneller brings you inside the electrophysiology laboratory and shows you exactly what happens!
[ytapvideo id=KXgTPSYBlB8] – Please visit the site for FREE medical PowerPoints, medical PowerPoint templates, medical e-books related to all specialties including ophthalmology, cardiology, neurology, nephrology, GI, etc. This is a Cardiology PowerPoint presentation about EP Perspective of Atrial Fibrillation .
Singer-songwriter Barry Manilow sits down with My Generation to talk about his legendary career and what it’s like to live with Atrial fibrillation (a-fib). …
[ytapvideo id=ytrltknY7I8] not a good day.