Afib Vagus Stimulation

Neuromodulation for Atrial Fibrillation

Ear Clip May Ease A-fib

What if all it took to treat the heart condition – atrial fibrillation – was clipping a small device to your ear for an hour a day? That futuristic scenario could soon be a reality, according to a new study.

Neuromodulation increasingly explored as a treatment for atrial fibrillation.

In patients with paroxysmal A-fib, Vagus nerve stimulation with a mild electric current delivered for an hour a day resulted in an 85% reduction in A-fib burden at 6 months.

Total A-fib duration at 6 months was reduced by active Vagus nerve stimulation, whereas the “longest daily Afib duration was no different between the two groups, suggesting that  stimulation  of the tragus, the prominence in front of the external opening of the outer ear.suppressed the start of Afib but had no effect once the Afib episode began,”

When combining monitoring data from both 3 and 6 months, median A-fib burden was reduced by 75% with electrical Vagus nerve stimulation.

Further research, needs to be done to identify the optimal amount of stimulation needed to achieve the best outcomes, which could be shorter or longer than the hour used in the trial.

Compliance needs to be considered when exploring this issue because patients are more likely to do something of a shorter duration.

Look promising but we’ll wait to see.  Ask your Doctor or Electrophysiologist for more information…

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