Inside A Catheter Ablation Procedure

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[ytapvideo id=ybP-5Ji1G2s]

One of the things I want to show you guys is an example of 3-D mapping. You can see what we have done is created a 3-D map of the heart that we are going to …


romanegila2011 says:

for every one who is going to have cather ablation is the luckiest person on earth had mine done on sep 19 and i am geting better and better its litlle bit painfull but dont be scared to go and have? it done

evelyn boardman says:

Thank you for the? video!

glock0352 says:

Those catheters hurt when they come out!?

sgeller142 says:

Thanks Dr Fishel for the video. I’ll be lying in that OR next week for the? procedure. See you then.

Vismantas Sliesaravi?ius says:

@dan112965 I’m getting second one? tomorrow :S

dan112965 says:

getting my second one may 3rd at hup im in the percentile that needs a? second one

1sunyata says:

If you’r talking about cost, it was about 48 grand for me. The better your insurance the less of course? would be your expense. Of course you will have to pay part of this bill, but it is worth it.This precedure is a life changing experience. It’s the difference between tremendous suffering for the rest of your life or living normally . Money is no object in this senario.

Daniel Palacio says:

But, of you are going to do, this procedure, make sure that use? an ensite system for 3d mapping.

Stephen Elton says:

I had this done at Freeman Hospital, Newcastle? 6 weeks ago. Complete success! After 7 years living with an arrythmia I feel great now. I saw much of the procedure as they did it, but this video explained it really well. Thanks for posting.

dawn spickard says:

thank you for posting this! I am having this surgery soon and have been so worried about it. thanks for reassuring me.?

Ami Sheiner says:

This is Biosense? Webster’s CARTO(R) 3 System… The BEST EP system in the world!

Ami Sheiner says:

This is Biosense Webster’s CARTO(R) 3 System… The BEST EP system in? the world!

LMmccallL57 says:

I had this procedure done over two years ago. As my doctor and the doctor in the video said, I was home the next day. It took a couple of weeks for me to gain my strength, but it was a great success, thank? God!

annnbear says:

My husband had this done? this past summer. Thank You for posting this…..


how much pleas ?? im? in kuwait

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