How To Handle Heart Palpitations

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magnapillow says:

tell the doctor!! Doctor’s dont care what illegal drugs you did in the past, they only care about your health. And speaking with a doctor is confidential and the only way for you to get the best treatment for your heart is to tell them everything. It won’t be easy, but i promise? it will be worth it friend.

creatureofthesun1991 says:

god, i’m feeling so bad recently, my heart is gone wrong, and i just don’t know what to do :(, because when i get to the doctor i haven’t got the palpitations, they just come and go, and last night they came really bad, i felt like dying (seriously), but this morning they were gone again, so just don’t know, i know what to do, I smoked “something “really bad last week and i know is that but i can’t tell my mother or the doctor, so what i should do??? i didn’t smoked? more “shit” since then 🙁

Nick Walsh says:

Some decent advice here. I suffered them back in 2002. After 7 years of research, I finally? was able to nail the risk factors. I am now two years palp free.
stopheartpalpitations com

Joe Campbell says:

soooo…? am I the only one that thinks the woman in this video is gorgeous?

LordDeathspit says:

Agreed.I gave up coffee, fast food and beer on the weekends and they actually got worse. Why? Cuz i was busy worrying abou them all the time cuz? i was bored. Fact is if you’re someone that gets them, they never really go away. You just notice them less or don’t care when you do. Eat healthy and exercise for other reasons guys, cuz that’s not why you have palpitations. I had them when i was 17, playing football an was in crazy good shape.

Eon Engelbrecht says:

Instead of taking the video seriously, I laughed at the voice reading it, is she a robot? The chick acts too fake at the start of? the video. And as Aglover360 said: “Seek emergency treatment if you? experience loss of consciousness.” If I’m passed out…HOW…?!!!!!!!! LOL

Pyroprocs says:

But i? am just 18 might that be cause of vitamins?

shelloz09 says:

I do everything I’m supposed to, yet I still get? them. They scare me 🙁

Pyroprocs says:

Because it does?

tlove67 says:

I had palputations for over a year until I found arricles that your body may just? need the correct vitamins. So I reserched vitamins and came upon Moringa Oleifera. I used them from Nov 25 2012 until now and after two weeks of use I have no palputations. Give them a try you can find them at any vitamin store

greenday1347 says:

Fuck Coffee!?

ipadgett70 says:

Everytime I drink black coffee my heart starts racing as hell?

grippipo says:

Why does this video assume heart palpitations? have anything to do with stress?

KellyThundercloud says:

Wow…the type of heart problems talked about in this video are not caused by “poor diet” and lack of exercise. They’re just using it as an excuse to get people to “eat right” and exercise! It’s caused by overactive heart cells and imbalances of electrolytes. Whether you have a fat-full? heart or a fat-free heart, you can get palpitations!

KellyThundercloud says:

Because palpitations are not caused by fat? in your arteries.

kingraulrules321 says:

Im 15 and have this?

Chester Rushing says:

its cuzz her pants are? so damn tight


yes they are out of no where and i do get shortness of breath and? pain and thank you for the tips, im probably going to visit the doctor soon

BreeBree Cris says:

Anyways it depends do you get rapid heartbeat out of now where, for about 5 or 10 minutes then it just goes away? Do you feel dizzy, kinda have shortness of breath and like a sharp milder pain? If that’s the case try barring over (lean your? chest forward and create pressure) another way is at where you check the pulse on your neck, apply pressure with your 2 fingers right on the pulse it should create pressure and slow it down (not for too long tho) But go to a Cardiologist/Electrophysiologist


i was never intending to smoke? or drink anyways but how do you make them stop? 🙁

BreeBree Cris says:

I used to have the same exact problem its probably Atrial Fibrillation .. i got radio frequency ablation 98% safe and they completely went away dnt smoke or drink too much when your older ,, reason im searching this up.. i got them back from smoking and drinking so much , but i had them exactly when i was twelve too. im gonna quote you ” Why The Fuck? did they return ” bad habits its pretty lame..

Olivia McDowell- Foord says:

I have? constant palpitations, and i have had them for over 2 years! It all started with a caffeine attack and hasn’t gone since. To accompany these palpitations is breathlessness, a blinking twitch, chest and stomach pains and uncomfortableness in my leg muscles!! HELP!!

kevin604bc says:

I’ve started taking potassium supplements and 5-htp for my palpitations. It has? helped a lot.

jithin15 says:

Reduce caffeine intake is what my doctor told me..seems to happen every time when I mix caffine and a jolt of anxiety. Doc told me you can depress your diaphragm like when giving cpr, but with less force or hold your supposed to help reset your rhythm,? but slow shallow breaths work best for me.

HaleHaridwald says:

I’m hoping this isn’t serious? and that it really is just palpitations because I can’t get any sleep it makes it hard to breathe

PianoShapedObject says:

They also usually died earlier of? other causes that we cure now, so more of us live long enough to experience heart disease now. Not that we shouldn’t be walking more anyway, but still.

jeff98215 says:

Try the following:

1) Search for “The Healing Code” on youtube. Go to the Brent49ful video and just copy what the guy does there and repeat it 5 times and? repeat during the day. (not my video, but a good one)

2) Google for the “earth clinic” website, and go there for some ideas/CURES. I personally have found that supplementation of about 200mg of Coenzyme Q10 and 1000mg of Omega3 Fatty acids have helped. Go to a health food store and ask about these supplements (start with low dosages first).

kiwi2050 says:

Well Duh!!! People before? the 1900’s didn’t even know what heart palpitations were!!


im? 12, wtf is going on!

aglover360 says:

“Seek emergency treatment if you experience loss of consciousness.” If I’m? passed out…how…?

Don32136 says:

im 15? and i have heart palpitation 🙁

avenged7fold0101 says:

Why does? this not happen to my fat cousin but myself? A very fit young teen?-_- thanks god. Thanks a lot

GothicTrioOfEdwards says:

Yes I have, I usually get like that when I’m VERY nervous though. Rarely do I ever go over the line of quiet and coping… I usually only freak out when I get put through lasting stressful situations with people.? You should check out my video I have up where I actually talk about what I get… and what I do about them. It might help a little. Good luck and stay calm ^^

Aspen Riley says:

im 20 i got one today because i was so stress my hands were shaking too did that happen to? you?

GothicTrioOfEdwards says:

Meh I get them every day, always when I get nervous… and over very stupid things. They? don’t stop even after the situation/feeling is gone… they can last up to 4 hours. Uneven/fast heart beat. I’ve learned to accept them and deal with them, they aren’t going away any time soon.

mrlivinglegend05 says:

I’m 18? n I just recently started to get them I dnt have a bunch at once I only happens every once n awhile and it’s like my heart pauses for a half a sec then does a big pump that I can feel and goes back to normal but it happens I say more than 10 times a day and only when I think about it really

Thesquarewave says:


devanoo2 says:

yeah ill send you somthing im not that? freaked out anymore i can deal with it easy now because of this

TheMrkanyewest says:

yeah man me too? have you found out anything on your condition

ucheucheuche says:

Was tired. Had a 15 minute nap. Was in the kitchen. Went to sink. Went from sink. (normal stuff). Heart? beats shot up to 240 bpm for 20 seconds (I remembered the frequency and calculated 4 beats per second). Had an ECG (Electrocardiogram) today: Resting heart rate at 54 bpm. Need to look into it further. Sleep apnea?

lurvelieplum says:

@MrDeano324 : Yes, you should.?

MrDeano324 says:

In? 18, and Ive eperienced these since around the age of 14. But ive never had more than one at a time before. I have just one about 4-6 months apart. But on wednesday night I got one…then another one…and another one. And ive had them pretty much every other beat for 5 days, It just wont go. What should I do?, is it worth seeing a Doctor?

devanoo2 says:

scares the crap out of me only happens when im doing NOTHING very? wierd because im a athlete and it slows down instead of fast

red88alert says:

like you can feel your heart? pumping hard and it sort of moves your body withit???is the heartbeat when it pounds like this elevated or its a normal heartbeat???yea i do my best to ignore that but i am thankful that ive been able to make progress…i hope we keep moving froward!!!

NewPSCity says:

i still feel this hard pounding at night or when i lay down to sleep. but its gotten a bit better, hope they can get better results with this heart monitor. its good that you have not had a panic attack for a couple of? weeks, just try to really ignore it and go on with your life.

red88alert says:

thats really good to hear 😀 hows everything been so far for you since the last time???ive been better i can say that…i havent had an attack in a couple of weeks and the last one i had was? manageable…the only thing thats still up with me though is there are times when i feel kinda outta breath at times…but other than that ive just been trying to move forward…some of my muscles twitch too at times but oh well…i hope that gets better…

NewPSCity says:

hey wats up, longtime no Youtube 🙂 I got my results from my echo I had and guess what, everything is normal, I was expecting that because from what I have read online from others who suffer from this that their results show Normal signs, My doctor recommended that i use a heart monitor, so how are you doing??

CelticFCDoberman says:

Totally relate to what you’ve just written. Just last week I was at work when I suffered from rapid palpitations that caused me to have to go to the emergency room. It was very frightening and now I am just waiting for a date to come through for an appointment with a specialist after being in hospital for a few days. So it’s quite an anxious time and similar to yourself? I seem to suffer irregularities at night. Particularly as I’m about to drift off I suddenly awake. All the best.

powershop1903 says:

This cute female is? giving me palpitations. What to do?

james ainsworth says:

whenever i think about my heart and listen to my heart? beat it, thats when it happens the most

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