How I Cured My Afib – Almost

To better answer that question, we first must identify what a cure means. My strict definition of a cure for atrial fibrillation is that through either a procedure, medication, or a lifestyle change a patient has zero episodes of AFib for the rest of their life with absolutely no symptoms.

If we adhere to that definition, unfortunately, the answer is no; there is no total cure for Afib.

This does not undermine the value of atrial fibrillation treatment. An ablation procedure, such as catheter ablation or surgical ablation, or even lifestyle modifications through weight loss or sleep apnea treatment, can dramatically improve symptoms of AFib.

However, I’ve seen patients in the hospital who had procedures done with extremely successful outcomes, were told they didn’t need medications anymore, and unfortunately, the first signs of AFib recurring several years down the road resulted in a stroke. While treatment can drastically improve a patients experience with atrial fibrillation, it’s important to understand that it won’t result in a 100% cure for atrial fibrillation.
From Our Friend Dr. Afib

I personally have reduced my Afib to an “almost” cured state. I still have to be very aware and careful to avoid “Triggers” but my Afib is now not a major factor in my life…

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