Catheter Ablation Surgery- Pre Surgery. SVT’s

This is the pre surgery video for my journey through catheter ablation surgery and living with SVT’s. Please feel free to privately message me for my email address if you’d like to ask me any private questions.

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  1. hey i actually? am very curious as to how u are doing almost a year after the procedure i hope all is well, these arrhythmias truely suck . i was just wonder if it wondering if it possible i could email you a couple of some of my concerning questions privately but i dont know how to send a private message over youtube so maybe you could send me an email in my inbox w/ ur email for i can ask some questions. thanks for the vids they were very disalarming. thnkx again.

  2. hey man im going through it right now and they gave me pills but they just got to keep? up dosing them and alls i wanted to say tht im going through it and i am 14

  3. i too am scheduled for this surgery a week from yesturday and as well have major anxiety disorder and dismissed so many things to other health issues i as well cant take valium but do take adivant…. i am scared shitless im 39 female and wish for it to be over soon only thing is i also have to possibly have a? pacemaker put in the next day they say is a strong possibility. im ready to get this over with!!!!

  4. I got mine scheduled for next week. I’m only 18 and I’m actually a? lot like you Bro! Haha I watched your post surgery video before this one and it gives me lots of hope! Thanks dawg.

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