Catheter Ablation- Post Surgery Experience- SVT’s

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This video was shot a mere 8 hours after coming out of surgery. I hope this will help serve as a huge confidence booster for anyone finding themselves as nervous as I was about having the procedure.

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  1. My SVT catheter ablation is scheduled for tomorrow. I watched several videos and did a lot of research. While I am not fearful at all about it, it was helpful seeing your video because I felt your video was on my level. Wish you posted another one? to update us on how you are doing now.

  2. Thank you for this. My SO is having this on Monday so I showed him your video. He said he feels the same? way and you really helped him.

  3. thank you… mine is next Thursday… I have open heart surgery mitral valve repair in 2006, then a week later then three strokes, then 1 week later a VTAC… then a nervous breakdown…? then ME/CFS and 18 months ago the SVT started and have gotten to the point where they have robbed my life again… Thanks…

  4. What an uplifting speaker you are! Thank you for sharing your experience. I may be having an ablation done? in the future and you have just made it a lot easier to think about!!! Thank you kind sir 🙂

  5. Well my procedure was a little different to yours.. I had local anaesthetics on both sites next to my groin. I was wake for the whole procedure, but they did give me drugs to make me drowsy i think.
    And they inserted tubes to both sides and made their way into? the heart and got the palpitation started.
    They then knew what the problem was and burned off the short pathway with heat.
    During this it hurt a little. But inserting the tubes hurt more.
    And i stayed overnight!

  6. I had mine done around 2 weeks ago. It’s a pretty simple procedure with a success rate of 95%. Well this is because Australia has one of the? best cardiologists in the world.
    But still, everyone shouldnt be freaked out about the procedure.
    One scary thing is staying awake during the procedure.
    And it hurts a little bit.
    Good luck!

  7. Is there? a site on the web where I can research where the best hospital is to have this done in any particular state???

  8. First of all can I say thank you so much for your video. I live in the UK and am due to meet with a specialist soon to discuss and arrange having an ablation done. I have felt so nervous and apprehensive but your video has eased my mind so much. Can I ask one thing, did you have a local or general anaesthetic? Thank you again for? your video, you’ve helped me so much 🙂

  9. The same thing happened to me? a few years ago I had the surgery but they couldn’t find the problem and I was under for 8 hours

  10. How are you doing now so many months later? did you have recurrances at around 4-6? weeks post ablation as kind of a last hurrah, or did that ablation just flatout cure you?

  11. This helped a ton! Iv had this weighing on my mind for nearly a month now. And my procedure is? still a month away. I was worried about after it, and you explained it perfectly. It’s so stressful on me as a15 year old because my instinct is the negatives. This really brightened my outlook. Thank you!!!

  12. Thank You for the video! I am seriously considering an ablation. I have SVT. I was diagnosed back in October 2011.It has definitely been a life changing experience. I take medication for this condition daily.Before this..I never used to take medication daily. I used to enjoy chocolate I cant even eat it..LOL. Thanks for the videos!? I had questions about the procedure. I don’t want to be on medications for this the rest of my life.So I am thinking an ablation may be the way to go.

  13. MON 1/14/13 759PM EST
    TyDogg-thanks for your great recap of what happened and I am happy that it worked out for you. I am having ablation tomorrow and really enjoyed hearing your comments.
    Kevin? K

  14. Thank you so much for the video. My 16 yr old son needs this done. We and he were so concerned and worried. We watched this video together and it made us both feel? so much better. God Bless You.

  15. thank you so much for this vid im currently contemplating having the ablation or upping med idk but this really put me at ease because i am more fearful of? the after affects when i am home than the whole procedure.

  16. I might have to have this done and your video helped with my fears tremendously. My SVTs only come a few times a year at most, but are scary every time. Just had to go to the ER and get adenelol (right drug?). The whole experience was so scary but they got me back to normal… now its like post traumatic stress today :(?

  17. Thank you so much for? posting this. I have mine scheduled for January 4th and am naturally nervous. They way you described yourself before the procedure is exactly how I picture myself.

  18. I had mine done Monday ! Was awake all the time not very pleasant ! But so far so good seem ok so pleased I had this done theses? guys are fantastic !

  19. Hey ty I had my first SVT attack last thrusday playing basketball. A cardioligist friend of mine said it looks like SVT and went to another doc today and he said it? is SVT and he wants to go ahead and do the procedure friday. I am a little overwhelmed, and very stressed. I suffer from some anxienty. I just cant wrap my head around how fast all of this is happening. I guess i am just looking for some words of encouragement. Thanks!

  20. I had the procedure done November 24 2012 at the Cleveland clinic in Fla. It was a successful ablation but, remember it takes time to heal the heart. I really started feeling my old self after about six months. I don’t buy the three month window. It? takes more time. I have to say after the procedure I never had a episode of afib again but, my heart did act up for some time. After many talks with my EP doctor he reassured me it would clear up and it did. Do your homework when finding a doc.

  21. So glad I had an ablation almost 10 yrs ago… went home right afterwards,. I was in hell for 20 yrs , not believed when I told countless docs my pulse would go up to 220, made fun of my then? husband, told i was “crazy” until finally a doctor listened. I still have a few palpitations sometimes but no more PSVT! so happy I had the procedure..

  22. Bless You! You’re so brave, and encouraging. My son is due to have an ablation in a few months. Your video? is a great help to me as well.

  23. Hey bro. Wow so glad I found this video and seeing others responses boosts me big time. I’m going for my one on Monday 17 September. Pray? for me!

  24. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience. ? It was really comforting to me to hear you talk about your feelings about the experience as I get ready to have this same procedure and I feel more at peace about it now.

  25. As far as recovery, 3? days later, I hardly feel any pain or stiffness. I just keep finding adhesive on my skin when I thought I had it all gone. I agree that if anyone is thinking of doing this, DO IT!

  26. Thanks for posting this. My doctor first told me about this 10 years ago, but it wasn’t til about a year ago that I felt my symptoms? made it worth it for me. I have been stalling for about a year. I finally decided to do it and am so glad I did. You are so right that it’s a cakewalk. But, I was awake through my whole procedure but with the drugs they gave me I really didn’t care what they were doing. The “burning” didn’t hurt just felt as intense as walking on hot sand.

  27. Thank you for posting this. I’ve been freaking out too and? my anxiety levels have been thru the roof thinking about this procedure. It’s so routine for the cardiologist, that I think that’s why he’s been acting like it’s no big deal and that has been freaking me out even more. I have no one to talk to about this and don’t know anyone who has had this procedure done. So, yeah, definitely, you’ve helped me for sure.

  28. I? had this procedure in 2008, They wouldn’t let me have any ativan before. Maybe things have changed. I’ve been living with this for 8 years. longest episode at 300 plus beats a minute was 3 hours, when they injected me with adenosine my heart slowed down to 48 beats a minute. worst day of my life thus far. i’m rushed to the hospital 5-10 times a year. ANXIETY AND A HALF WITH THIS CONDITION!

  29. This video helped me to calm down a great deal. I can’t thank this guy enough for posting this information. What freeked me out the the most is the thought that I was told I had to be awake. Now as long as they do not tell me that I want this done. but sad to say If I am told I will be awake.? It will not go down. I pray I can exspress my concerns tomorrow morning to the nurse and they knock me out. God bless this guy!

  30. Had my ablation this past Thursday. I was asleep for mine. Doc said I had two accessory pathways, one on the left side and one down the middle of my heart. Stayed overnight and had some burning in chest for a day and also some PVC type episodes that come and go. Doc said he got both of them and after all the abating he could not trigger my arythmia so it’s gone. Can’t wait to start exercising again and not worry about tachycardia? from SVT. My SVT would start and stop suddenly and I would never

  31. Just had my ablation this past Tuesday. I had a very similar experience emotionally. My problem was on my left side though, so it took them about 6 hours and had to have two extra catheters. The only thing right now that is really bothering me is my right shoulder and arm is in horrible pain from being immobile for so long. IF that is the worst thing to happen after Heart Surgery? – then I am pretty happy!

  32. i has investigated for wolf Parkinson white syndrome so i went in for a Electrophysiology of the heart went ok even though i was? nervous .its not nice but interesting .
    for those out there i would advice they talk you through it … so it calm the nerves good luck

  33. I just had my ablation yesterday. I feel great today. My procedure was performed at the University of Michigan Hospital. I had a great experience there.I had to stay the night as they had to ablate 2 on both the right and left sides of my heart. I just wanted to thank you for claming the nerves of my wife and I. Your video made it much easier to walk into the? hospital. Well wishes from Michigan!!!

  34. I just had my ablation today, well Monday August 13th. Like you I was nervous as hell and a little scared. When I woke up I was expecting to feel everything you described, but I didn’t. I felt great! Tired, but normal. It’s about 12 hrs post surgery and still feel great. The Dr said he was able to get my heart to go into SVT so he could ablate the right area, so hopefully I won’t ever have to go? through those uncomfortable SVT’s again. Thanks for sharing this video!!

  35. Hi, I am just saw a cardiologist today and am researching my? options. I am leaning more towards the ablation because as a 29 year old female the medication isn’t an option if I want to have children. I am really nervous about the procedure. How has it been since your ablation?

  36. Glad to hear it went well for you mate, I’ve been on Beta Blockers for the last 5 years and I don’t have SVT’s anymore but I do occasionally get that feeling that you mention where it seems like its about to? kick off, but then it doesn’t. Its been a big relieve to me as it used to always seem to catch me off guard. I have mixed feelings about going the surgery path but my Cardiologist doesn’t seem to recommend it. Guess I’ll be on the atenol for the foreseeable future.. Just glad it works.

  37. Hiya , so had my procedure 2 wks ago and so far I seem good. I was a massive help watching you video so again thanks. I was awake for the whole 4 hrs of the procedure and the? doctor said he was very happy I wont know until end of August if it was a complete success. One thing I wanted to ask you? and any one else out there who has had the procedure did you experience low energy / tiredness after your procedure?????? As I said I am 2 wks since and just have no energy. Judith

  38. Thanks for the info. I am terrified of having this procedure.? But your post does make me feel more at ease. I work in Maternity so you would think I could trust my fellow health care workers. hope you continue to do well.

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