Catheter Ablation (for curing SVT) – My personal Experience

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This is a vlog of my personal experience of a catheter ablation for anyone out there who is thinking about going ahead with an ablation or who knows someone …

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  1. my names matt im 24 my cryo ablations on the 2nd of april and im 98% scared 2 percent exited lol or maybe its the other way around anyways just had a couple questions i hope all is? well thank you for sharing svt and afib have friggin terrorized me finally pushing forward to get something done ill be making videos as well if anyone wants to subscribe they will be coming before after and following up email me for questions!

  2. This is? when they go generally through your femoral artery and cauterize or burn off the neurons that are making your heart beat incorrectly. Generally this occurs after medication does not work. If you truly are having problems you need to be seeing your cardiologist and getting the proper tests and medication before getting to this step

  3. To the girl who uploaded this? video just wanted to give a big thanks because prior to procedure to get rid of svt I watched your video and it really made it alot easier to make my decision.thanks a million


  4. Worse! Whoever is getting it done I promise you youll be fine :)…you can msg me privately and I can help you leading up? to the day and tell you what to expect dont be shy ill help cuz I know what your thinking and feeling.but once again no need to worry your gonna be fine :)…one last thing the operating room is FREEEEZING to the point ill guarantee your gonna shiver lol only part I hated!!!! But feel free to msg prvt ill help you best I can 🙂

  5. Worst part was laying? in the bed post op! My legs and back were killing me and you cant move or else you open the wound up.but literally nothing to worry about wasnt scary at all.I was soooo scared the night before but once you get prepped you start to relax cuz you start to think “yup no turning back now” the pain in the groin is just started to fade hard to walk the day of and day after now I can walk a little easier.but yea nothing to worry about believe me! Having my abcess drained was 100x

  6. To all people who are worried about having the ablation there is nothing to worry about..I had my ablation done 48 hours ago,? I literally remember nothing only thing I slightly remember was when they had to wake me to make my heart race your so drugged you dont feel a thing when they wake you to trigger your heart you slightly feel your heart race and them stopping it then they put you back to of 2 hours for my ablation I maybe remember 5 minutes of it lol

  7. I was 10? when i got my first SVT i was beating 210 bpm for 4 hours and i only had 2 after that but all three would not stop on their own so i had an ablation at age 11 now 18 My SVT has started to make a steady comeback! 🙁

  8. As a 21 year old who feels as though their life has been affected for the worse by my heart problems, I want to thank you so much for your vlog. I am currently waiting for an appointment with an electrophysiologist to discuss having a catheter ablation and watching? this has eased my mind so much. I can totally relate to how you felt and hearing about your positive experience has made me feel so much more at ease about having this done, so thank you again. I hope you are doing well still.

  9. Pleas can someone tell me what a ablation is and what happens hen you have one. Its it? a big heart op.

  10. Hey I am 14 and you get what I get but I have not had a ablation and this SVT is fucking up my life. I have bad anxiety and cant play football or anything life that. I would love it if you could tell me more about? what you had. Thanks 🙂

  11. Hey some advice would be great.I am 14 and have been having PSTV`s for about 2 years I only get them well I am exercising. It feels like a very hard pumping presser on my chest, in the center just below my throat. They last about 7-12 minutes,when I get it my heart goes over 250pm. also have heart palpitations over the day. Any one? with the same thing please replay. 🙂

  12. I have SVT too, I’m only 14 years old and I’m getting my ablation first thing tomorrow 🙂 I’ve been having attacks? for about 3 years but I had a heartrate of 222 for 10 and a half hours before it stopped, they had to shock me four times after giving me three doses of that HORRIBLE drug, makes you feel like you’re dying.. Jeepers, finally getting it sorted and it’s nice to know that someone else has went through what I have to tomorrow, and with a positive response! Whoop! Thanks you for posting!

  13. Hi. I read your comment for? this video. I was diagnosed with SVT and I am also taking metroprolol 25mg just like your son. I haven’t had an episode of SVT since taking the medicine. I am considering the procedure. I hope your son does well with this medicine and if he ever decides to do the surgery, I hope everything goes well. God Bless.

  14. I am? 23 years old and had the exact same thing you had. I had an ablation 6 weeks ago and it was an absolute piece of cake for me as well. My heart would get up to 240 bpm like you, but now I am killing workouts and runs that normally would send my heart into a crazy rampage, so I AM CURED!! It is such a relief, and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who is on the fence. I still have a skipped beat every 3 or 4 days just like you, but it is nothing and I don’t notice them at all anymore.

  15. Am glad you’ve been well since the procedure. My 17 year old daughter is scheduled? this coming week to get the procedure done and watching your video gives me hope that she will be fine and hopefully cured from this… God bless you

  16. I really? hope this time around your ablation is successful. Are you nervous to have the ablation a second time? I am considering having one too, but am very nervous about the procedure. Good luck

  17. Hey i was wondering how ur doing since the ablation .. im condsidering getting one and i was just wonder how are you doing long term wise..?

  18. had an ablation? few years ago still having afib attacks now they are getting more frequent cardilogist is gonna do an ablation again hope to get it this time

  19. Dear? Skyelasmom1
    So are you going to go ahead with it? If you are scared at all, tell all of your thoughts to your doctor. Mine was not sporadic mine was constant but 192 bpm was my top number. It is very dangerous. Keep us posted. Gretagail1

  20. Best of luck to her :). Today is a very special day? as it marks three years since my successful procedure 🙂

  21. My daughter is having this done soon. They just decided today. I am glad you had a good experience. I hope my daughter’s goes as? well as yours did.

  22. SVT attack a month ago at work, heart rate was close to? 300 at one point. Had a heart cath this past Monday.-everything showed fine. Am scheduled for an ablation dec. 28th. Not sure I want to do this. Having a hard time recovering from the cath since I had to go back to work so soon and will only have 3 days after the ablation before I have to go back, As aside note-the feeling like you can’t breath or tight throat when an SVT attack happens is because of blood flowing and getting “stuck”.

  23. I also got up to about 240-250,? and it went on for 3 hours before anyone saw me. Doctors were so mad they hadn’t brought me back sooner. Anyways, I am also having an ablation (tomorrow morning), and very glad I watched this video. Thanks for posting it! My experiences sound identical. I can’t wait to not have to worry about it again, and to pick up my world travels once more, care free 🙂

  24. 240, you beat me i only got to 220. im having my ablation tommorow morning and this helped alot to calm my nerves.? Thanks!

  25. I am getting an ablation on Dec 14 for SVT. Did you experience the missed heart beats only after the ablation or did you already have them before the procedure?? I have PACs, PVCs, and SVT. My main goal is to stop the SVTs. Thanks.

  26. Hello! I would like to thank you for this video. I was diagnosed with SVT around a year ago, and your story is exactly like mine (except I’m not Australian, nor does my neighbour make pacemakers). The anxiety surrounding the “what if I have an attack while…” was horrible! Your words helped me so much when making the decision to? have an ablation. My procedure was 3 days ago, and was just as you described (but I didn’t have “amnesia” drugs so I actually remember everything!). Thank you so much.

  27. I watched your Video before my Ablation. Thanks. I appreciate your talking about the doctors saying “Its normally not dangerous” and having it done. So far I feel great or as you said “Fixed”?

  28. i had it done just a few days ago also for svt, im 19 now i had my first episode wen i was 7,? it was kinda natural to me wen i had it, longest episode i can remember was abour 45+ mins :p never went to an ambulance i learned that fear is the worst thing for ur heart and ur mind. :p i knew God was with me so it didnt bug me much and thankfully i could have the procedure done well, so hopefully all goes well, good to hear about urs 🙂 God bless u

  29. I KNEW something was wrong with my heart for over 20 yrs -told it was “panic attacks” — i knew this wasWRONG. My heart would beat220 beats a minute for 20 minutes . I would not give up.finally a wonderful doctor (i went to many idiot cardiologists) immediately said he thought it was SVT ( also known as PSVT),finally put me on a monitor long enough for it to be caught on a monitor. I had an ablation about 10 years ago.? I have a few missed beats sometimes but NO SVT. SO HAPPY i had ablation.

  30. I have SVT..
    My first attack was 5 months ago, it went on for about 7 hours before I finally? got to the hospital and administered Adenosine IV… Fucking scary shit, I can’t wait to have my ablation but apparently there’s a 6 month waiting list so I have to wait till next year.
    I really hope the ablation goes well, my attacks come on when I change position quickly. It’s horrible.

  31. this is a great video that u posted i to had that procedure done and i feel good? right now but some times my back part hurts whats the problem any one plzzz any explanation…

  32. I wore an event monitor for 2 weeks and I had 2 attacks that I knew about although it recorded some when I was sleeping. My heart reaches 228bpm and I’ve had attacks? as long as 45 mins. I’ve never gone to the hospital for it; I’ve basically learned to deal with the attacks. Since being diagnosed, I had been put on atenolol, which makes me feel very tired all the time. I’m looking forward to my upcoming catheter ablation because it will be nice to not have to deal with this condition anymore.

  33. Thank you for making this video! I have recently been diagnosed with SVT, but my doctor has thought that’s what I have since I first had an attack 6 years ago when I was 17. I wore a halter monitor when I was 17, but I didn’t have any problems when wearing it. Then recently, I returned to? the doctor about this issue because it was happening more often and for longer periods.

  34. Thank you so much for posting this video. Learning about your experience was comforting and reassuring. I, too, have experienced that fear that comes with an episode of SVT, fear both during and after. It’s hard to describe but you did a wonderful? job. My ablation is in a few days. Thanks again and I hope that the last couple of years have been happy and healthy for you.

  35. i had a catheter ablation 3 days ago. im 27 years old. everyone worrying about the surgery and worrying about being awake during the procedure, dont. at the worst points its very uncomfortable. when i would go tachy i would have to have my heart stopped and restarted. during the surgery i was actually diagnosed with “Wolff Parkinsons White” but as i said, i had the surgery 3 days? ago and im up and walking around just fine. just extremely sore.

  36. Wow your episodes last 30min? Thats intense, You’re very young to I was 15 when I first got symptoms. Mine would last? no longer then a minute but they were often so bad that once I felt them start I could not hear of see anything around me for a good 30 seconds then often times i would end up on the floor.

  37. I have a-fib/SVT and had my first had my episode at the age of 15, I am now 31 and for the past 2 years I have been taking Flecanide acetate 100mg 2x a day and my episodes are pretty much non existent. After a several different medications over the years I found Verapmil the worst for me, I? had so many episodes I could not even drive since the episodes were so bad and so common. I want a ablation done but my doctor says I can’t if the medicine is now? working.

  38. Thank you for posting this, I just saw a specialist today about my options and am very nervous about having the procedure done but between this and lifelong medicine I have decided this is my? best route. I am still very nervous about having this done because of course my brain is thinking the worse when I am trying to tell myself everything will be ok. I just know that I want to do what I feel is best for myself and my heart. Thank You.

  39. Hiya , so had my procedure 2 wks ago and so far I seem good. I was a massive help watching you video so again thanks. I was awake for the whole 4 hrs of the procedure and the doctor said he was very happy I wont know until end of August if it was a complete success. One thing I wanted to ask you? and any one else out there who has had the procedure did you experience low energy / tiredness after your procedure?????? As I said? I am 2 wks since and just have no energy. Judith

  40. Thanks for sharing. I’m in for an ablation for afib/flutters? this coming Monday. I’ve been nervous about the procedure with the same concerns as ou have pointed out. I feel slightly more comforted after you shared your experience.

  41. I just recently was told I may have SVT but they wanted to do this procedure to make sure thats what it actually is and my doctor really recommends it but I am VERY nervous, but? as you said, I want my life back also! I never even realized my heart beating so fast. I always thought it felt like it was barely beating but my doctor said its reached about 150-170 bpm.

  42. Well this video really comfort me, My name is Ricky I’m 16, Seeing this video now, I know now that it could actually work out. I’ve already went through it once on Dec 29 um 1 and a half years ago, but it came back this year and well tomorrow I’m going to go? through it again. I don’t really know my condition but all the symptoms you were having I had. My heart rate jumps up to 280bpm and lasts about 30minutes. This video really shows me that it actually helps in the long run, and I thank you

  43. I had it for seven years since i was born i threw up a couple times.luckly one of my parents were home every time it happened so they took me to the hostpital i would get an I V needle didnt feel a thing it was an ongoing routine. When i was seven i got the sugery and i still have scars on my legs from the catheters they look like tiny moles now.? Im 14.

  44. I’ve had svt since I was 9 and I used to have them for ages. In the last year they were ally bad and I would have them for ages and a lot during the day – sometimes even in my sleep. I started taking beta blockers which made me really tired and grumpy all the time but it did seem to stop them. My dad used to have wpw when he was younger too and had an ablation second person in Ireland or something and he ended up? quite well. I’m having my ablation tomorrow and I’m really excited but anxious im

  45. Don’t listen to charlie, it is a very safe surgery.? (Less than 3% chance of anything going wrong.) I had my catheter ablation done yesterday, and in all it was a very good experience. It wasn’t enjoyable just.. Like an adventure. Highly recommend the surgery if you have the disorder and are trying to decide. I’m so happy not to have SVT anymore.

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