Cardiac Dysrhythmia Heartbeat Dances

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jc415runr says:

This was? great

MaryAnn Riley says:

great video…and actually? really helpful 🙂

neefam1 says:


Michele Williamson says:

This is AWESOME!! Very cute :)?

ashoey says:

This was great … sharing? it with my coworkers! I put it my favorites file.

Jane Doe says:

From a layman’s standpoint: I never thought of my cardiac problems quite that way before! Thanks for making? me laugh-I am going to share this with my MD!

haziel alfanta says:

LOL 😀 i had? a great laugh! thanks. i am studying ECG, this helped kicked off my stress.haha

Tina Bailey says:

Would have been nice if you had given credit to the ? 1974 original.

Graveyard Walker says:

THIS. IS. AWESOME. !!!! 😀 i have a page on facebook, Tales from Medical Transcription , and one of my people shared this… BRILLIANT! we’re very much enjoying the creative demonstration! so? far i think afib is our fave… (i kinda like vfib most though!)

Cassidy Ascherl says:

sum1 has? way to much time on their hands

profderien says:

nothing beats the original… “ECG Dance” — “made in 1974 and featur[ing] cardiologist Dr. John Grammer of Dallas, Texas. Sadly, he? just passed away in May, 2011 at the age of 85…”

funwithtwiggs says:


joyce smith says:

OMG!!! loved it. its like 2300 i have a final in a few and im? laughing like crazy!!! this has helped more than you know!!!! thanks

smoo smee says:

hahahha omg. afib is my? favorite.

Byron Markel says:

So I am currently in? medschool and we just did cardio. I cant tell you the smile this put on my face. Very funny. Good job gentlemen. Its nice to see science mixed with creativity like this. 🙂

spdydrums says:

wow! thanks so much for this, folks!!! XCLNT concept to lay-personize the realm of the Heart, and an intro to it’s diseases. i’ve always had a fascination with the organ…albeit a kind of morbid one….and, now that it appears? i’m experiencing the beginnings (or the endings, by the time symptoms start showing) of heart disease, this presentation REALLY is helpful to visualize…FOR FREE! ^5 and big ups…are you doctors?

Jessica Kinney says:

OMG @ 4 min


Kopa Leo says:

And that is why dance music is bad? for your heart.

Kathryn Rogers says:

Too? great.

Wherebrooklynat85 says:

too xute? : )

Anastasia Sedyakina says:

Guys! You’re great!!!?

Paula Harkins says:

Can’t thank you enough. I take? my national exam as an MA tomorrow and found this on a break from studying, right in the middle of studying ECG’s. You’re awesome!

aleshi718 says:

THIS WAS FANTASTIC. ? I laughed so hard and learned so much at the same time!

smcgow44 says:

My friends and I all hope that this was a? project for a class and that you all aced it. Every nurse I’ve shown has absolutely loved it!

BluddEHell says:

hahahaha! I get? pvc. Now all I have to do to explain it to a lay person is that wonderful left leg kick dance 😉

favor367 says:

dont get? it.. i am so lost… with the whole picture… can someone explain to me.. all i am seeing a boy bending down and stretching his arms

billavara says:

This is so hillarious by the time we got to A-fib I had to pause? the video so I could finish laughing 🙂

Chris Cloud says:

i was waiting for the harlem shake to show up

thanks v-fib?

Edith Guzman says:

Ok, do any of you know the name of the vid where? there is an asian guy doing the a-fib dance and he talks slang like? I saw the vid in my class and found it really funny!!

Lori Wimberley says:

Brilliant, I? say~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~

johntony2020 says:

I know but? still that’s the point.

Jordan Abadeer says:

You can’t really do anything with Asystole. They’d? just be standing there.

randomraeoflight says:

Honestly, if I ever have to teach? arrythmias, I’d love to use this. I’d still include the anecdote I was given to help remember wenkebach’s though..

marsha buchanan says:

I showed this to two of my Surgical Technology classes today. It was a hit. Guys thank you so much for? showing how the heart can act. It was a hit. I even played it again, and made the students get up and “dance” with the video. Awesome job. Marsha Buchanan, CST, AAB, BSHCA. Riverside, CA

johntony2020 says:

You forgot? Asystole

Pen sae says:

love? it!! awesome!!

Elaine Arana says:

Haha loved this. Thanks for the help!

Aaron Bright says:

Awesome guys. Are? you med students? PAs? NPs? Paramedics? Que?

Vanessa Lo says:

I was? getting really frustrated with dysrhythmias up until this video. Now every time I see v-fib I’m going to bust out laughing (on the inside or course).

vtachshocker says:

Awesome guys! Hilareous! The? mag sulfate on the torsades was the perfect touch. Keep up the good work.

abdulrahman jahhaaf says:

fucking? hilarious luv it soooo much <3 <3

Shon2010RN says:

Luv it guys!?

kayak161616 says:

who put’s carpet? over hardwood? you monsters!

Fred Couples says:

Wow? what a great educational, entertaining and creative video. Bravo.

drOthman1984 says:

Awesome, phenomenal and amazing ? !!!!!!!!

PunkWay88 says:

FANTASTIC? !! love this 🙂

calivianya says:

I just sprayed ginger ale out of my nose? when I got to the Atrial Flutter part. That was great!

rpbgt76 says:

Freaking awesome! Great job? guys.

Monica Montes says:

Great video! Had to share with my classmates!?

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