Barry Manilow On Living with Atrial fibrillation – My Generation | Music | AARP

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kitten11645 says:

He sure does!!!!!!! 🙂

123Rockchild says:

Ohhh…what a great piece. How can you not LOVE a man that is always
thinking of others? He brings so much joy to people.

HoratiocsiCaine says:

Barry Manilow is a Legend <3 i will always Love him and his music <3 xxx

MsLasvegashilton says:

I am so grateful to Barry for helping to make others aware of this. I have
Afib and can be scary. Thank you again Barry! 🙂

iss says:

A-fib is closely correlated with age.

betty boekhout says:

Yes you have made us feel special with your music. Your music puts a
special love song in our hearts. God gave you a very special gift and the
world thanks you for sharing your gift with us.

iss says:

I wouldn’t think Mr. Manilow had it when he was 30 & perhaps not even 40

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