Atrial Fibrillation Symptoms & Treatments

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NorthShore University HealthSystem Cardiac Electrophysiologists Wes Fisher, M.D., Jose Nazari, M.D. and Alex Ro, M.D. discuss atrial fibrillation. Atrial fibrillation is an irregular heart rhythm (arrhythmia) that starts in the upper parts (atria) of the heart. For more information on Atrial Fibrillation, visit


NorthShore University HealthSystem says:

Check out this inspiring story of one of our patients living with Atrial
Fibrillation Atrial Fibrillation: Diane’s Story (Cardiology)?

Frank Capo says:

I had this happen a few years ago in the middle of the night and it scared
the heck out of me. I passed it off as a panic attack as it stopped about
1/2 hr after it started.

This happened to me last month. I went to the ER by ambulance and the
paramedics hooked up the EKG and it prompted a box displaying AFIB.

I was stable. ER gave me an IV med to lower heart rate. It was 163. It
dropped it to around 108. Ultrasound showed heart was strong and normal. I
was going to do cardio version but since my heart was undamaged they gave
me 3 pills of flecainide. About 1/2 hr after taking them I felt a slight
flutter and was corrected to normal sinus rhythm. I was observed for 4
hours and released.

The day it happened I was sick. I took pseudoephedrine, cold tablets and
had two energy drink shots. I then went to the gym. When i got home I laid
down to rest and my heart fluttered and started pounding.

I haven’t had an energy drink since. I used to drink A LOT of caffeine.

I lived an unhealthy life until 4 years ago (nasty smoker, 30lbs

Now I’m 6′ 185. I touched 217 at one time and smoked 1-1/2 packs a day. Dec
30, 2010 I decided to change. ?

Kathy Foroutan says:

Dr. Fisher, my son is only 23 years and is diagnosed with atrial
fibrillation. Please tell me what I have to do.?

ALberta Terry says:

Thank You for the visual!?

Carlos Gerardo Esquivel Molina says:
bhakti Rudani says:

thank u doctor?

todd frank says:

In a 79 yo male, if you have had medication trials after pig mitral valve
that failed, 2 oblations and several cardioversions with pacemaker set at
70. Stable on coumadin at 2.3. Still in chronic a fib, is it time to just
thank God for what you have left and leave well enough alone??

HeartsofGold says:

Check out this video on YouTube:q?

Ohannes Cuhaciyan says:

Excellent video helped me greatly understand what A fib is all about and
what are the tretmans .
thank you
Ohannes Cuhaciyan?

Jude Siam Chulalongkorn says:

Thank you.?

Adam Cunningham-White says:

That left ventricle looked abnormally small at the beginning. I know it’s
only an animation but still..?

soneelita says:


dilwich123 says:

I have AF and am symptom free and can walk for 5 hours a day without any
problem however I have had two strokes so do take Warfarin.?

carolynm15 says:

The youngest doctor there is asian… of cours

Myka Fisher says:

Most people are 18-22 yrs old when diagnosed, I was 19. Im now 34, I had my
procedure and Im off my medication and doing well.

Mel Walden says:

Very helpful, thank you.

travis stoner says:

u OK man?

kestasjk says:

@pinkfloydbf: youtube; your one stop shop for cardiophysical medical advice

mrtamnus1 says:

I found out today that i have it. Im 21 and have no symptoms and went two
months with nothing happening. It happened first in february and oddly
enough, right when they were doing an EKG on me today when i had a normal
pacemaker checkup.

kenv267ify says:

I had this procedure by a doctor, Dr Ian Weisberg, that trained with Dr.
Fischer, and NazarI. My procedure was done on May 10, at Baptist Hospital
Cath Lab. Post procdeure had some chest wall pain and nausea. Today is
20th, and my heart rate is normal, no AFIb. Will resume light exercise next

Jason Hartsoe says:

Working on a Documentary with A-Fib patients including myself who’s had
A-Fib for over 8 years. If you feel this could benefit others and something
you would like to see, help support my goal! Thanks!

joe hart says:

i took an a fib attack last nov im 44 old i was doing nothing when i took
it , i do have high bloodpressure , since then i took 2 more small attacks
im on beata blockers

kittywaymo says:

Good EMT review thank you!

NDPofNovaScotia says:

My parents are having a small party downstairs, and a Portuguese nurse and
I got in a fairly heated argument, where she attempted to claim that A-fib
and Cardiac arrest were basically the same thing. LOL, she actually had the
audacity to laugh at ME, when i sternly corrected her, I simply walked away
snickering. THIS is why nurses (as valuable and necessary as they are)
should NOT be allowed to make medical diagnosis’.

jena2nsu says:

@Tunedup81 I have the same question as you. Did you ever get an answer?

Romario Ochoa says:

Atrial Fibrillation i think i half this and im only 15 years old this feel
real bad is like a was cana died pls help me to this problem pls thank you
god bless you all

cldron says:

you thanked god for fixing it? what did the doctor do?

therealjohn says:

God didn’t fix you, the doctor did.

Jeff Baxter says:

0:45 Borat in disguise?

marinegrunt0341 says:

@pinkfloydbf I’m 28 and have had some recent frightening episodes. The
other day I had an EP study performed to make sure it is atrial
fibrillation an not WPW. Turns out it is atrial fibrillation. I am probably
going to go back in a month or two an have an ablation performed, which
seems like the best option to me particularly at such a young age. I am
more weary about long term drug use than the ablation particularly when
considering a drug as potent as amiodarone.

PfeifJarobi says:

0:25 Door opening?

Karz Navarro says:

best educational video I have watched so far regarding AF. Thanks for

Tunedup81 says:

meh.. its all interesting.. this was something my damn doctor (cardio)
diddn’t tell me prior to having my ASD fixed. come to find out heart
surgery can cause this problem.. he put me on some blood thinners but i
dont take em.. only once has it lasted longer than 24hrs and I went in and
had it shocked (was pretty cool lol) sense then most episodes last 20mins
or up to 4hrs.. my question is how long would it take to cause a blood clot
that could cause a stroke? i’m healthy other than that.

Katrina Walker says:


tingmarco1 says:

when this happens there is pooling blood in artia due to artia quivering

mylampisbright says:

@orchidglow19 hey there! just read your comment! i also have afib , heart
palpitations, racing heart…for which i sometimes need to got to a&e to
get Iv drugs to slow my heart!.most weird of all im 19!I hhope you get
better soon because i think i know what your going thru!

clinicalpharmacol0gy says:

Usefull screening tools for AF (CHA2DS2-Vasc, Has-bled, CHADS2…) at:

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