Atrial Fibrillation & FIRM Ablation — interviews Dr. Sanjiv Narayan

Therefore, clinicians may minimize the significance of afib to the patient and may fail to provide the level of support and information needed for self-management of recurrent symptomatic afib.” Afib patients may go untreated. Afib can fly under the radar as some patients don’t have symptoms and some may only have symptoms once in a while. Thus, patients may go for a year or two undiagnosed, and sometimes not be diagnosed until after they have a stroke or two. Because some health care professionals perceive that afib doesn’t affect patients’ everyday lives, a common approach is to just allow patients to live with the condition.

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  1. will there be any? FIRM ablation centers in England , i hope this technology helps patients with this life changing condition. Freeman hospital Newcastle England should have this FIRM technology available.Fingers crossed

  2. I have decided to have a FIRM ablation performed. Topera has a new probe that will probably be approved by the FDA in the 2nd quarter of 2013. Add that training time. I opted to have the procedure done with the old probes that older FDA approved probes ( 90s ).
    Older probes were used by? reserchers doing the FIRM and CONFIRM ablation trials. I have had 15 years of AFIB which I hope will soon go away.

  3. Atrial Fibrillation Treatment Success Rate More? Than Doubles When Renal Artery Denervation Is Added To Afib Catheter Ablations

    seet: stopafib dot org/newsitem.cfm/NEWSID/428

  4. Technologies such as this can take several years to fully test and deploy, yet this interview was only done about 4 months ago.? There are currently about 8 centers doing it now around the US. If you’d like to let me know where you are, I can tell you if there is a center close to you. Just use the Contact Us link at the top of the page at

  5. It is now September or 2012. This technology does not seem to be available anywhere. The one exception is that Dr. Sanjiv Narayan can perform the procedure at the San Diago Veterans Hospital to US veterans. Pass the word along to any Vets suffering from? AFIB. good luck

  6. As a patient of Dr. Narayan, I unfortunately fell in the 4-5% of patients who did NOT have a successful Ablation procedure in May 2011. I am now preparing myself mentally & physically for a 2nd Ablation in? Aug. 2012. I’m also researching the possible benefits of an alternative procedure, the “Maze”? or “Minimaze” Ablation. I hope to have an opportunity soon to discuss this with Dr. Narayan & Dr. Krummen, both from the VA Medical Center in La Jolla, CA. Frank S. Herrera, Surfside, CA.

  7. There are eight centers currently doing this. Contact Dr. Narayan for the one closest to you. See the description here on YouTube for the? link to our story – you’ll find the link to his profile and contact info there.

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