Atrial Fibrillation Antiarrhythmic Drugs– interviews Prof. John Camm

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Elmer Fittery says:

My afib is NOT controlled by taking drugs. I am still looking for a cure
not a way to make the big pharma more profit. ?

Akaas Rehman says:


vibra64 says:

Since this video was made there have been several cases of servere liver
damage from Multaq. Two people needed liver transplants.

PlasticShack SpaceJed says:

I started a fib at age 23 have treated it for I have had a fib for 26 years
, Treat it wil beta blockers , side affect cant sleep,calicum channel
blockers ,bowels want move side affect,lanoxin,causes heart rate to go over
200 bpm, Valum 5 2x a day with 10 mgs of Timolol I have been in sinus for
seven years something in the valum has worked as well as the a fib drugs,
The loos of sleep from beta blockers can be horrable and kee you awake for
day after days the valum also helps sleep side affects.

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