Atrial Fib Ablation Live Discussion case by Dr. Wilber Su using Second Generation Cryoballoon

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Live complete case of atrial fibrillation ablationby Dr. Wilber Su at Banner-University Medical Center in Phoenix Arizona with a group a observing experience electrophysiologist to learn and refine techniques of cryoballoon ablation. Live discussion and demonstration of the atrial fibrillation ablation. Complete atrial fibrillation using cryoballoon ablation second generation Arctic Front Advance. High-lighting the use of minimal fluoroscopy x-ray exposure by using intracardiac ultrasound and 3-dimensional mapping. Additional atrial flutter line was also performed. Full discussion with experienced atrial fibrillation ablation physicians and cryoballoon users. Not a straight-forward case– good learning points for the best practice of atrial fibrillation ablation and avoidance of complication.


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