Amiodarone was the first anti-arrhythmic drug I was prescribed when I was first  diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation.

It did not work, in spite of being the first drug of choice for most doctors for Afib.  I later found out it also had the most and worse side effects of any of the atrial fibrillation rhythm restoring drugs I tried.  If that were not enough it made me sicker than the afib.

I did not like it – At All!

In spite of my experiences with the drug it has helped some people and is very cheap so here is some more info.

Amiodarone – A Review –

The Pros (not many)

I have been taking amiodarone since 1992 when my heart rate climbed to 185 while resting.Various drugs were tried without success.Over the years my ECG apparently was judged as abnormal until I managed to improve the control on my …

Publish Date: 07/06/2009 2:47

The Cons (Quite a few)


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  1. My doctor immediately put me on Amiodarone after my afib diagnosis – glad you mentioned this.

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