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Afib Symptoms – 5 Signs and a Unique Treatment!

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In this video I’m going to share a few of the leading afib symptoms, what this disease really is and how someone can eliminate it. The heart is one of the most important organs we have because it pushes blood to where it is needed. Most of us take it for granted because it constantly beats 24/7, but what if the beats were off? When this happens it’s known as afib or atrial fibrillation.

One of the big dangers to this is that it can cause a blood clot, which could stop blood flow and we all know that isn’t good. In fact according to Physicians Weekly nearly 35% of all afib patients will experience a stroke at some time.

You might be asking how can someone determine if they have this condition and what can be done to cure it. According to WebMD some people may experience no symptoms and the only way to determine if someone has it is through a physical examination. This is just another reason why getting a routine physical is a good idea.

How often someone should get this physical examination depends on their age. Of course sometimes a person will experience a few symptoms of afib and one example would be when someone is aware that their heart is beating abnormally. I think most people have intuition or this sixth sense, so if you feel something is a little off with your health, then I think you should get it checked immediately. If it is nothing then at least you will have some piece of mind.

Another sign that something is wrong is the classic feeling of pain or discomfort in the region. In fact feeling pain is usually the number 1 sign that something is wrong. When organs don’t get the correct blood that the heart is supposed to pump a variety of other problems can be created. One example would be fatigue and someone feeling tired more often. A person may not be able to think clearly and they could feel light-headed. They could also have shortness of breath and a feeling that they are not getting enough oxygen when they breath.

When it comes to curing this condition one idea that might sound a little strange is yoga. There was a study done at the University of Kansas with 49 people with atrial fibrillation. The patients were instructed to do just two sessions that were 2 hours long per week of yoga plus yoga practice at home for 3 months. The result was that the number of afib episodes were reduced by nearly 45%. More good news is that some of the participates reported that it improved the quality of their life, eased depression and lowered anxiety.

To sum everything up the leading afib symptoms include..

A feeling that the heart isn’t beating correctly
Chest pains
Being light-headed
Shortness of breath

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