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My Afib Ablation

The day I wished would never come has arrived...  It's February the 18th 2010 and my afib is back with a vengeance.

I had hoped to be one of the lucky ones who could be maintained on just medication.  I had started out on Amiodarone (made me feel sicker) and then went on to Tikosyn.  I had to stay 3 days in the hospital to start Tikosyn but it served me well and kept the afib away for almost two years.

I have now been "shocked" and drugged and worried sick for almost three years - now I get to have the inside of my heart BURNED!  I am not a happy camper.  The sequence that the consensus of heart arrhythmia doctors (electrophysiologists) now follow is:

1.  Try drugs to get the heart to stabilize and revert to normal rhythm - I failed that.

2.  Try Cardioversion to "shock" the heart back into normal rhythm. (think CLEAR! - ZAP!)  I had this done four times and my heart never stayed in rhythm more than a couple of days.

3.  Try more and "different" drugs as the docs want to you try and fail at least two different meds before the next step... 

4.  Cardiac Catheter Ablation - Thread a catheter up one of the arteries in your groin and snake a wire lead to the inside of you heart's upper chambers and ZAP the daylights out of that Afib!! (See  Ablation for Atrial fibrillation for the technical details)

I was out for over FOUR HOURS.  When I woke up my afib was gone.  My doctor said he zapped(burned) all the electrical anomalies he could map in my heart and could not even "induce" my heart to go back into atrial fibrillation.

I was tired, sore and felt weak but very releived.  I prayed this final procedure would be it - my afib would be cured.

Next - The Recovery and "Blanking Period."

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