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Metoprolol also called Lopressor or Toprol XL.

It is primarily used as a blood pressure medication but doctors prescribe it to us Atrial Fibrillation sufferers because it also lowers the heart rate and calms the intensity of the hearts contractions.

If you have Afib - The possibility is high you have taken or are taking good ol' Metoprolol. It is usually one of the first meds doctors give us to "get that heart rate down."

I still take Metoprolol in low dose even though my Afib is in remission or "cured" as I like to call it. It helps with my high blood pressure also - one of the causes of Atrial Fibrillation in the first place.

How Does Metoprolol Work? - Medicine How 

Metoprolol is a type of drug called a beta blocker that can help to lower your blood pressure by blocking certain receptors in your heart. It works by reducing the rate and force of your heartbeat.

Metoprolol works specifically on the beta receptors found in the heart, called beta-1 receptors, but doesn’t have a big effect on other beta receptors found around the body.

Beta blockers attach to the beta receptors in the heart and stop hormones from activating the receptors like they usually do.

The result is the heart muscle doesn’t contract to pump the blood around the body as often and, when it does, it has less force. This means your heart rate and blood pressure will usually drop when you take metoprolol.

There are two different doses available for most of the different brands: 50 mg and 100 mg. Most people start with the lower dose in the beginning and can then increase the dose later if the blood pressure Or heart rate is still too high. It is best to start with 50 mg, as it gives your body time to adjust to the medication and you will be less likely to notice side effects.

What does it look like?

My Metoprolol is a little pink pill, I cut mine in half to give the correct dosage.


Side Effects for me.

Metoprolol makes me a little sleepy feeling and somewhat lethargic but you get used to it. It will work with most other blood pressure meds but the combination can actually make your blood pressure too low.


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