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Afib Symptoms In Women

Afib Symptoms In Women aren't that unusual: a racing heart, dizziness, or being extremely tired.

Woman - being "tougher" than us men often try to live with their symptoms before getting help and finding out that atrial fibrillation was the cause of their problems.  Don't wait - see your doctor!

We already know that more men than women have atrial fibrillation - but - women have a higher rate of strokes and death, with women accounting for about 61% of Afib related stroke deaths.

Researchers have identified nine common differences in women who suffer from Afib:

1. They have higher incidences of stroke and death from stroke.

2. Women do not receive blood thinners (anticoagulation) as often, resulting in more risk of blood clots.

3. Have a greater risk of collateral bleeding from blood thinners.

4. Experience greater risk of life-threatening arrhythmias and slow heart rates from taking antiarrhythmic drugs to treat their Afib than men.

5. A woman's normal hormonal fluctuation can cause more life-threatening arrhythmias.

Have a higher risk of low potassium levels, increasing the risk of drug-related arrhythmias

6. Are more sensitive to statin and vasodilator drugs.

7. Are referred less often, or later, for ablation or  pacemakers than men.

8. Experience a lower quality of life than men from their atrial fibrillation

These findings identify areas in which doctors need to more closely manage the treatment of their female atrial fibrillation patients.

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